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Institution/Company ADLIB Information Systems
Address P.O. Box 1436
Post code 3600 BK
City Maarssen
Country Netherlands
Telephone +31 30 2411885
Name Heuvel, Ren van den
Function Sales Manager

1. Mission statement:

ADLIB Information Systems provides libraries, archives, museums and related organizations with integrated solutions that enable them to manage information, collections and workflow in the best possible way. ADLIB Information Systems is serving not only the organizations staff and the public with very user friendly software and excellent support, but also providing the management with all the necessary information to support the decision making process.

10. Other important projects

Cross Domain Searching

ADLIB Information Systems is a producer and supplier of systems for libraries, archives and museums. Many of ADLIBs customers maintain collections that cross multiple domains. It is important for them to be able to search across their complete collection at a high level as well as on the item level. An example of the powerful search features of the ADLIB software can be found in the webportal (currently only available in Dutch). This is the information portal of the International Information Centre and Archive for the Womans Movement (IIAV) who maintain a host of different databases that are made accessible through just one simple query.

Distributed Searching

ADLIB software now also supports distributed searching. This means that one query may actually search multiple databases at the same time and present the results in an integrated overview. These database may or may not have a similar data structure. This feature allows for a very flexible configuration of the information management system in the organization. Particularly organizations that form an umbrella covering multiple more or less independent operating organizations can benefit from this as each sub-organization can maintain their own catalogues and other databases while at the same time they do work closely together when it comes to sharing information. ADLIB Information Systems has implemented a system in this configuration for the Raad voor de rechtspraak, the Netherlands Council of justice, that holds 23 judicial libraries.

Web Portals

ADLIB Information Systems has successfully implemented a number of web portals that are completely based on the ADLIB software. When using ADLIB software for collection and information management in libraries, archives and museums it hold great benefits when the web site and/or web portal is based on the same system. The ADLIB web portals truly make cross domain searching possible as not only collection information can be searched, but also the complete website including related information such as news items, calendar items and dossiers.

Examples of ADLIB web portals:

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