United Kingdom : British Library

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Institution/Company British Library
Address Boston Spa, Near Wetherby, W Yorkshire
Post code LS23 7BQ
City None
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)1937 546856
Name Oldroyd, Bill
Function e-Architecture

1. Mission statement:

The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and one of the world’s greatest libraries.

Our vision is to make the world’s intellectual, scientific and cultural heritage accessible, and to bring the collections of the British Library to everyone – at work, school, college or home.

2. Computer networks and Internet connectivity

a. In general HW, SW:

A WAN, a LAN and high speed internet connections. It is too complex to describe here.

3. Library automation

a. In general HW, SW:

Ex Libris Aleph, Metalib, Sun

Sirsi Unicorn, HP

Own systems, HP Unix, HP VAX, Dell

5. Digital library

a. Based on your own production of digital documents:

Ex Libris DigiTool

b. If so, what is new in your digitalization programmes:

A DOM – Digital Object management system. This is a staged project, the current stage is to store Voluntary Deposit material.

d. Important commercial web services accessible to your users:

Web site – including many digital collections, services and Turning the Pages.


Collect Britain – digitised images

Document requesting and delivery

7. Special web services

Turning the Pages

Dun Huang

8. Electronic document delivery

EDD is implemented.

Systems support copyright legislation

9. Research and technology development projects

TEL and related SRU developments


Portal for document delivery services

Common metadata application profile across the organisation (based on qualified DC)

Use of METS

Cheshire II, SRU interfaces and SRU/Z39.50 gateway

10. Other important projects

Phase 2 of implementation of Aleph – addressing the need of special catalogues, e.g. sound, manuscripts, maps

Replacement of document delivery systems

Digitisation projects – sound, newspapers

Automated mechanical book storage

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