The Board Meeting

The Board meeting, to which all those who want to contribute to the planning of the
future activities of ELAG are cordially invited, will take place on Tuesday 8 June
at 14:00. Among others the setting up of the programme for next years ELAG meeting
is on the agenda. The board meeting will be held at the BIBSYS offices, Abels gate 5.

How to get there


The hotel will be able to direct you – or a taxi or bus driver.
The closest bus stop is at Professor Brochs gt. Even the bus from the
airport stops there.

If you like to walk from the city centre, cross the river southwards by
the Elgeseter bridge, and keep walking for appr. 750 meters.
On your right (i.e. to the west) you will see the
building Teknobyen (see picture below). Use the
main entrance, and ask at the reception.

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