Romania : Institute for Cultural Memory

Author info

Institution/Company Institute for Cultural Memory
Address Piata Presei Libere nr. 1, CP 33-90
Post code 013701
City Bucharest
Country Romania
Telephone +40-21 224 37 42
Name Matei, Dan
Function director

1. Mission statement:

CIMEC collects, processes, develops and disseminates information concerning movable and immovable cultural heritage, theatre performances, cultural institutions, bibliographic records and cultural events;

CIMEC maintains the national databases on cultural heritage, the National Archaeological Record database and other computerised cultural information resources;

2. Computer networks and Internet connectivity

a. In general HW, SW:

Usual Windows network. Cable connection.

3. Library automation

a. In general HW, SW:

Windows-based custom software.

4. Union catalogue

a. Software used:

Union catalogue of rare books. Custom software.

b. New features:

The incunabula union catalogue is on-line (at

9. Research and technology development projects

A. The integrated national union catalogue of the cultural heritage: museum objects, archaeological sites, monuments, rare books, theatre performances. To go on-line by September.

B. The Digital Library of the manuscripts and rare books. Currently, more than 80,000 pages of medieval manuscripts scanned. To go on line by July.

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