Germany : Die Deutsche Bibliothek

Author info

Institution/Company Die Deutsche Bibliothek
Address Adickesallee 1
Post code 60322
City Frankfurt
Country Germany
Telephone +0049 69 15251700
URL www.ddb.de
Name Altenh├Âner, Reinhard
Function head IT-departement
E-mail altenhoener@dbf.ddb.de

1. Mission statement:

Die Deutsche Bibliothek is the national library and national bibliographic information centre for the Federal Republic of Germany. It is responsible for the collection, processing and bibliographic indexing of all German and German-language publications issued since 1913. Die Deutsche Bibliothek cooperates closely with all national and international library institutions and organisations. Within this context, it has a leadership role in the development and application of common rules and standards for Germany.

Die Deutsche Bibliothek was established in 1990 on the basis of the Treaty of Unification in a merger of the existing institutions the Deutsche B├╝cherei Leipzig (founded in 1912) and the Deutsche Bibliothek Frankfurt am Main (founded in 1947), of which the Deutsches Musikarchiv Berlin had been an integral part since 1970. Signed on September 23rd, 1990, the Treaty of Unification enabled the institutions to join together in fulfilling the legally specified objectives of the national library.

2. Computer networks and Internet connectivity

a. In general HW, SW:

Ethernet, WAN (Maincom), Internet (DFN).

UNIX (Solaris, LINUX …)

b. New HW, SW; connectivity upgrades:

migration from ATM to Ethernet


3. Library automation

a. In general HW, SW:

PICA CBS and LBS, additional applications

b. New HW, SW, other:

New deposit server solution

New integrated workflow for items based on bibliographic information from the publishers

Automated acquisition routines based on these data

(extensions of the PICA-SW)

4. Union catalogue

a. Software used:

see above

5. Digital library

a. Based on your own production of digital documents:

separated applications, not integrated (s. below)

b. If so, what is new in your digitalization programmes:

e.g. continuation of the digitized EXIL-Archive collection


c. Based on external sources:


8. Electronic document delivery

We are involved in the debate of switching the EU Directive in national law. In the moment we discuss the second step regarding the rights of science and research.

9. Research and technology development projects

– Development for a java-based open Portal-Solution

– opensource system for the edition / translation of DDC

– Developing a java-based Browsing-Tool for DDC


– EPICUR (Enhancement of Persistent Identifier Services – Comprehensive Method for unequivocal Resource Identification) (http://www.persistent-identifier.de/?lang=en)

– NESTOR – Authority network long term Archiving (www.langzeitarchivierung.de)

– TEL (The European Library)(http://www.europeanlibrary.org)


10. Other important projects

Long-term preservation: We are on the way with a cooperative project to enhance and open the IBM-Solution DIAS for the national library of the Netherlands with special enhancements and new aspects regarding the federal structure of Germany. (separation of core and tools (OSS), open interfaces, devided structure …)

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