Finland : Helsinki University Library, the National Library of Finland

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Institution/Company Helsinki University Library, the National Library of Finland
Address PO Box 26
Post code 00014
City University of Helsinki
Country Finland
Telephone +358 9 191 44296
Name Jauhiainen, Annu
Function Deputy Director of IT

1. Mission statement:

Helsinki University Library is the National Library of Finland, its task being to serve as the national service and development unit and to be responsible for promoting library co-operation within the country and internationally. In its own field the library has responsibility for the maintenance of the collections of the cultural heritage of Finland and of other collections of national relevance as well as the dissemination of information and the provision of information services based on these collections.

2. Computer networks and Internet connectivity

a. In general HW, SW:

FUNET network is used for data communication between universities, polytechnics and other research institutions. See for more information.

3. Library automation

a. In general HW, SW:

The Digital Library of Finland (the “Triangle”) will consist of three modules: ILS (Voyager: in production), the Portal software (MetaLib: being implemented) for accessing remote and local databases and other electronic resources such as serials, and the Digital Objects Management System (ENCompass: being implemented). The goal is that these three applications will communicate and work seamlessly together, as well as with other applications, via API’s and using open standards. The National Library will coordinate the service.

Voyager is in use in all university and polytechnic libraries. There are altogether 55 Voyager databases, 27 for the Linnea Consortium (Universities and some special libraries) and 28 for the AMKIT Consortium (Polytechnics). Linnea share a Sun E10000 server and AMKIT a Sun Fire48000 server, both outsourced to CSC, Center for Scientific Computing.

b. New HW, SW, other:

The National Library of Finland have acquired and implemented Ex Librisí Metalib portal and SFX context-sensitive linking software. The Nelli Information scholarly portal will be used as the one stop shop application to access subscribed ejournals and databases as well as digitized collections, open access journals, library OPACs and the national bibliographic databases.

The Nelli-portal is already test used in the universities of Finland and will be use in public library sector (2005), polytechnic library sector (still negotiating) and also possible in research library sector.

The portal server Sun Fire 4800 with 8 CPUs and Solaris OS, is maintained by CSC.

Helsinki University Libraries and three other university libraries have acquired ENCompass for Digital Collections software from Endeavor Information Systems. It is a digital object management system that will be used in curation of a number of digital collections owned by libraries. The software will be installed in summer 2004, and the service is planned to be in operation in autumn 2004. The software will run on a SUN Fire V880 server with 4 CPUs. In addition, disk space is provided in a Sun StorEdge 6120 array. The system will be maintained by CSC. It is expected that in the future ENCompass will be introduced by more libraries.

4. Union catalogue

a. Software used:

Linda, the Union Catalogue of Finnish University Libraries, is using Voyager Universal Catalogue software. The other union catalogues, Manda (Union Catalogue of Finnish Public Libraries) and Viola (Union Catalogue of Finnish Music) use the general Voyager software.

5. Digital library

a. Based on your own production of digital documents:

The Finnish Historical Newspaper Library 1771-1890 is available in the Web (see In 2007 the Newspaper Library will contain 165 titles and approximately 900 000 pages.

The Elektra database contains nearly 9000 full-text articles from circa 30 Finnish scientific journals. (see

Helsinki University Library is also digitising music into the national discography, in order to enable efficient customer services.

d. Important commercial web services accessible to your users:

The Finnish Electronic Library (FinELib) has acquired some 175 databases and 14 500 ejournals for its member organizations (107) on a centralised basis. The National Library is responsible for providing access to those resources. It will provide access and information retrieval services by using the technical core of the National Libraryís services which consists of the portal system, library system and digital document archive, the Triangle.

9. Research and technology development projects

The National Library is testing and piloting Shibboleth Middleware. Shibboleth by Internet2 is open source standard base and very secure authentication technology. It supports single sign on services and internal and cross-institutional user administration. The goal of the project is to make the information portal and the library system as shibboleth targets.

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