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Institution/Company Institute of Information Science
Address Presernova 17
Post code 2000
City Maribor
Country Slovenia
Telephone +38622520331
URL http://www.izum.si
Name Gordana Popovic
Function Shared cataloguing development specialist
E-mail gordana.popovic@izum.si

1. Mission statement:

IZUM is an information infrastructure service for Slovenian science, culture and education. The activities in which IZUM is mainly engaged are the development and operation of:

∑ COBISS system and services (Co-operative Online Bibliographic System and Services)

∑ SICRIS (Slovenian Current Research Information System)

∑ INFORS (INFOrmation System of Information Resources in Slovenia)

∑ Access to databases of foreign information services (OCLC, ISSN, ISI, ProQuest, SwetScan, etc.)

∑ Educational activities

IZUM is a public non-profit institution organised in 10 units: Shared Cataloguing Development, COBISS2 Software Development, COBISS3 Software Development, Quality Management, COBISS System Maintenance, COBISS Users’ Service Group, SICRIS Information Service, Computer Engineering, Proof-Reading and Translation Services, and Accounting and Finance.

At the end of 2003, the number of employees amounted to 90.

2. Computer networks and Internet connectivity

b. New HW, SW; connectivity upgrades:

In 2003 Alpha DS25 (for web OPAC) and DL380 servers were purchased for COBISS3. In addition to that, seven servers for COBISS2 were purchased for the needs of public libraries; it was made possible for public libraries to start using more rational means of communication (ADSL, Ethernet 10 Mb/s, Ethernet 100 Mb/s offered by Telekom, the Slovenian provider of telecommunications services, or cable operators). The migration of COBISS 2 to the Itanium platform was prepared.

3. Library automation

a. In general HW, SW:

2. Software





COBISS3/Interlibrary Loan



COBISS3/Application administration

b. New HW, SW, other:

COBISS3/Serials, COBISS3/Holdings and COBISS3/Loan are in the final development stage.

4. Union catalogue

a. Software used:


COBISS.SI in Slovenia

∑ 272 libraries ñ full members actively participating in online shared cataloguing

∑ 270 libraries ñ associate members

COBISS in Other Countries

∑ 13 libraries from BiH participating in COBISS.BH online shared cataloguing system

∑ 7 libraries from Macedonia participating in COBISS.MK online shared cataloguing system

∑ 2 libraries from SCG/Montenegro participating in COBISS.CG online shared cataloguing system

∑ 17 libraries from SCG/Serbia participating in COBISS.CG online shared cataloguing system.


∑ COBIB union bibliographic/catalogue database achieved the number of 2.4 million records, and 6.2 million records in local databases.

∑ Noted 15.9 million queries/searches via COBISS/OPAC.

∑ 16.7 million displays of bibliographic data made possible.

∑ Creation of 360.429 personal bibliographies of 13.028 researchers made possible.

∑ Half a million searches in foreign databases far exceeded.

∑ Implemented 150 package software installations for all full member libraries.

∑ Conducted training courses (278 days) for 2.187 librarians and other users of the system.

∑ Provided help to users based on 15.462 recorded requests.

∑ 61 consultant visits to libraries.

∑ Automated circulation reinstalled in 9 libraries, reservation and extended loan period (via COBISS/OPAC) in 9 libraries, automated stock taking in 16 libraries, automated deacquisition in 4 libraries and automated loan renewal by telephone in 7 libraries.

∑ Carried out were 15 presentations of the COBISS3 system.

Although the volume of SICRIS was reduced considerably in 2003, the following activities were performed:

∑ Development of online system of updating of research groups and researchers.

∑ Definition of the procedure and criteria for the inclusion of research groups and researchers not registered at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports.

∑ The business level of the application transferred from Visual Basic 6.0 to the Visual Basic.Net environment.

∑ Participation in the programme committee of the EUROCRIS2004 conference in Antwerp, Belgium.

∑ Participation in the CERIF task group of EUROCRIS to create a new document for CERIF format.

∑ The survey ìThe national electronic archive of research documentsì.

b. New features:

Research and Other Projects

COBISS Technological Renewal Project

In 2003, within the technological renewal project, COBISS3 V2.2-01 and V2.2-02 were implemented in 34 libraries (3 reinstallations and 6 first installations).

IZUM’s receipt of users’ final specification for COBISS V3.0, modules Serials and Holdings, was followed by their realization, which will be concluded in spring 2004. COBISS3/Interlibrary Loan and COBISS3/Reports V2.3 were improved, the latter one will be installed in spring 2004. Specification for interlibrary loan through OPAC and notification of users by e-mail was prepared.

Implementation of Authority Control

In January 2003, COBISS2/Cataloguing V6.0 software for shared cataloguing with authority control was developed and tested to the point where it was possible to start with the training of cataloguers. This training, which was mandatory for all cataloguers authorised for creating new bibliographic records in COBIB.SI, was carried out by IZUM in the co-operation with NUK.

Implementation of authority control within the shared cataloguing system was carried out between 18 and 21 April 2003. The CONOR.SI initial authority database contained at the time of its implementation over 24,000 authority records for personal authors, mostly Slovenian authors from publishing production of the last few years. About one third of all fields for personal authors in COBIB.SI and all local bibliographic databases were linked.

COBISS2/Cataloguing V7.0 allows the following functions: cataloguing with authority control of personal headings, entering brief authority records, downloading of records from LC Names, special linking command, updating of authority records and automatic synchronisation of records. Headings are browsed from a list of authority headings and the authority record ID is automatically added to the subfield 3 of the personal author field. In case that no record for a specific author exists in the authority database, cataloguers can create brief authority records at the time of creating or updating bibliographic records. COBISS2/Cataloguing V7.0 enables downloading of authority records for personal authors from the LC Names database, which is installed on the IZUM server. Downloaded records are automatically converted from the MARC 21 format for authorities to the COMARC/A format. A special command allows creating of links between an authority record and several corresponding bibliographic records at one time. The special command can be used only by cataloguers with a special authorisation. The synchronisation in the shared bibliographic database is performed on a daily basis and in local bibliographic databases only periodically, provided that changed headings in authority records were verified headings. This procedure should also ensure re-linking of personal author fields in bibliographic records, which were linked to the associated authority records marked for deletion. More about this is in the article ìImplementation of Authority Control in the COBISS.SI Library Information System, Sloveniaî. New Library World, ISSN: 0307-4803, Vol. 105, (2004), No. 1200. Expected 02/06/2004.

Within COBISS General List of Subject Headings Project Sears the complete restructuring of Sears headings into facets is being carried out and new terms are being added.


Upgraded version includes: report on two new statistical tables for ILL, a new parameter of see-reference in name index (Y/N) in bibliographies, news, etc. and modifications in the code/heading/database parameter in personal bibliographies.


Upgraded version V4.4-04 includes: loan control option, complemented procedure for the preparation of the newly arrived reservations ñ orders list, allocation control option for new registration numbers, complemented claims survey, etc.


Upgraded version V4.2 made it possible for associate members in the COBISS.SI system to export records in ISO 2709 standard format and XML format.

Online Reference Service in the COBISS.SI System

In January 2003, IZUM presented the idea of establishing a collaborative online reference service within the COBISS.SI system to six larger Slovenian libraries, and they expressed their support. The aim of the service is to provide a new form of assistance to users of the COBISS.SI system through the Internet. From various alternative forms of service operation, the concept of a common entrance point for all of the co-operating libraries and IZUM was selected. The structure of the co-operating libraries is as follows: The National Library, two university libraries and three public libraries. Chat (6 hours every working day) and e-mail (answers within 24 hours during working days) will be available to users of the Online Reference Service.

The Online Reference Service in the COBISS.SI system is supported with the QuestionPoint tool, which has been developed by the Library of Congress and the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC).


∑ Transfer to DEC Basic V1.5 of the entire COBISS2 software completed.

∑ Z39.50 server for access to the COBISS databases tested.

∑ COBISS installed in The Library of Slowenisches Wissenschaftsinstitut Wien (Slovenian Institute of Science, Vienna).

∑ Setting up of the shared cataloguing system in Serbia (COBISS.SR) with the COBIB.SR union database including at the start over 1 million bibliographic records.

∑ Signed Agreement on the establishment of the COBISS.Net network and the free exchange of bibliographic records, created in autonomous library information systems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia.

10. Other important projects

6. Future Plans

Priority development tasks for 2004:

∑ Continuing with the technological renewal project by developing COBISS3 V3.0 and COBISS3 V4.0.

∑ Implementation of authority control will be continued with corporate headings. COBISS General List of Subject Headings Project will be continued with restructuring of SEARS headings, adding new headings from the COBISS system and converting them into COMARC/A format.

∑ Final implementation of Z39.50 server for COBISS is planned by the end of the year.

. Implementation of cataloguing E-forum is planned for the very beginning of the year.

∑ Linking of COBIB union catalogues within the COBISS.Net Project.

∑ Implementation of authority control in COBISS/OPAC.

∑ Migration of COBISS2 to Itanium.

∑ Retrospective conversion of NUK catalogue (1948ñ1988).

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