Lithuania : Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania

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Institution/Company Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania
Address Gedimino pr.51
Post code LT-01504
City Vilnius
Country Lithuania
Telephone +37052398646
Name Varniene Regina
Function Deputy Director, Director of the Centre of the Bibliography and Book Science

1. Mission statement:

NLL is the main depository of Lithuanian published (printed and digital) cultural heritage. Its primary aim is to collect, preserve and make access to the documents published in Lithuania and related to Lithuania wherever published. Parallel to its direct responsibilities as a national library, NLL is the parliamentary library, centre of the national bibliography, coordination centre of implementation of Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System and coordination centre of Lithuanian library research and development.

2. Computer networks and Internet connectivity

a. In general HW, SW:

LITNET, network connection 10Mb/s. IPX/SPX for Local Area Network.

3. Library automation

a. In general HW, SW:

HW: number of PC – 399 (328 – for staff, 71 – for Library users, 357 connected to internet), number of servers – 11 (Windows NT, Linux, AIX, Novell).

SW: Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System LIBIS, developed by Lithuanian company “Sintagma”. System consists of Local Automated Information Systems of 61 Lithuanian research and public libraries and common subsystems:

Union Catalogue, providing access to information on documents located in Lithuanian libraries . Contains 524 741 bibliographic entries.

National Bibliographic Data Bank, providing access to information on documents published in Lithuania and related to Lithuania wherever published, contains 265 thousand bibliographic records.

Archive of Electronic Resources, providing harvesting and archiving of electronic resources. Contains 1,8 mio URL’s from Lithuanian net with a total information of 5,8 GB.

The main modules developed: acquisition, cataloguing, serials control, circulation, OPAC, WWW-OPAC, publishing, ILL, statistics, authority, UDC databases.

b. New HW, SW, other:

WWW-OPAC module were implemented in other Lithuanian libraries – LIBIS system participants. All of the LIBIS databases and the Union Catalogue are connected to online backup archival system using Tivoli software.

4. Union catalogue

a. Software used:

LIBIS SW. RDBMS ORACLE based, provides possibility of usage of SW in all operating systems (UNIX, Windows NT/2000/XP). UNIMARC/B and UNIMARC/A formats are implemented as internal formats, ISO2709 is used for data import/export.

b. New features:

External disk storage array connected to the UC server and other servers in order to resolve space shortage problems. Along with hardware renewal, actions to improve the Union Catalogue quality and develop new functionality for users were underway: record correctness rules modified (more strict), search capabilities by bibliographic information matched the set of search criteria existing in the LIBIS libraries, web search software changed and improved.

5. Digital library

a. Based on your own production of digital documents:

Digitization of the collection of parchments Project finished in 2002.

Digitization of old Lithuanian shellac records. Project started in 2003.

c. Based on external sources:

Bibliographic database of the articles from Lithuanian periodicals 1994-2002. Internet version is available on subscription.

Bibliographic database of European Union official documents

d. Important commercial web services accessible to your users:

Lithuanian web services:

ELTA (Lithuanian News Agency), ES teisės aktai (Legal documents of EU), LITLEX (Lithuanian legal documents), STAS (Lithuanian statistics).

World web services:

Global Books in Print, Cambridge Journals Online, EBSCO Publishing, GLIN, Grants Database, INION, ISSN Online, Oxford Reference Online, Proquest, Springer LINK, Ulrich’s Web, United Nations Treaty Collection, Westlaw.

6. New in-house database

National Bibliographic Data Bank (NBDB): 265 thousand bibliographic records in total, including 210 thousand analytical records from Lithuanian serials and continuing resources. One segment of NBDB – Bibliographic Database of Articles from the Lithuanian periodicals is accessible at present via internet

8. Electronic document delivery

EDD is provided for Library users on request following EU Copyright Directive.

9. Research and technology development projects

The project “Creation of Integrated Virtual Library Information System” is prepared for the upcoming support from EU Structural Funds. Project aims to forming a network of approximately 70 Lithuanian libraries, archives and museums in order to publish electronically 11 Mio pages and over thousand titles of shellac records and make them available through public and free access interfaces to all users from Lithuania and abroad.

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