Belgium : Ron Davies Consultancy

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Institution/Company Ron Davies Consultancy
Address Av. Baden-Powell 1 Bte 2
Post code 1200
City Brussels
Country Belgium
Telephone +32 2 770 33 51
Name Davies, Ron
Function Information systems consultant
E-mail ron@rondavies.be

1. Mission statement:

In 2004, I returned to work as an independent information systems consultant, now based in Brussels. Separately or in conjunction with teams of associates, I provide library and information systems consulting services to public, governmental and international organizations, including systems planning, needs analysis, design, project management, implementation and support services. Areas of practice include strategic plans and studies; electronic publishing applications; the application of taxonomies and thesauri; and library systems, portals and gateways.

9. Research and technology development projects

Since the last ELAG meeting, I have implemented both a library portal and a multilingual digital library system managing full text of case law. I have advised international organizations on integrating taxonomies into enterprise information portals, on implementing library portals and open linking applications, and assisted in preparing detailed funding proposals for portals. I have also provided advice to an international organization on exploiting technical and organizational synergies between two information systems supporting the work of the institution. For another client, I developed bibliographic record enhancement routines.

10. Other important projects

I developed and teach a one-day introduction to library portals for TFPL Inc. (London). I continue to be a member of the Working Group for the revision of the British Thesaurus standards, developing a new version of the standard which will integrate multilingual and monolingual guidelines and including intervocabulary mapping.

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