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Institution/Company UKOLN, University of Bath
Address University of Bath
Post code BA2 7AY
City Bath
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +44 1225 386580
Name Rosemary Russell
Function SPP Project Manager

1. Mission statement:

UKOLN is a centre of expertise in digital information management, providing advice and services to the library, information, education and cultural heritage communities by:

* Influencing policy and informing practice

* Promoting community-building and consensus-making by actively raising awareness

* Advancing knowledge through research and development

* Building innovative systems and services based on Web technologies

* Acting as an agent for knowledge transfer

9. Research and technology development projects

UKOLN’s Research and Development team carries out applied and technical research within the context of a number of externally funded projects. Projects currently include:

UK Digital Curation Centre: UKOLN is a partner in the new UK Digital Curation Centre, a major initiative funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the Higher and Further Education Funding Councils and the eScience Core Programme. The Digital Curation Centre has funding of 1.3m pounds sterling a year to address the challenge of securing the future of digital data in a collaboration between the Universities and the Research Councils. Led by the University of Edinburgh, the Digital Curation Centre will be run by a consortium of four partner institutions: the University of Edinburgh (Informatics, Law, Information Services and leading research institutes) and the University of Glasgow (HATII and Information Services), which together host the National eScience Centre; UKOLN, at the University of Bath; the Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (CCLRC – which operates the Rutherford and Daresbury Laboratories). The Centre will have an active Research Programme funded by the EPSRC and will also provide JISC-funded development, advisory services and dissemination and outreach to the wider community.

Subject Portals Project: Developing subject based portals and producing a ‘software tool-kit’ for portal construction.

ARCO: A project that simplifies the digital capture of 3D objects (in this case cultural artefacts held in museum archives) through the use of photogrammetry, thus eliminating expensive laser based methods.

Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC): UKOLN provides support to the JISC’s digital preservation activity, in particular to the Digital Preservation Coalition. UKOLN contributes to the production of a quarterly current awareness bulletin entitled ‘What’s new in digital preservation.’

IE Service Registry: Implementing a pilot service that provides information about available IE services and collections. UKOLN are responsible for carrying out the stakeholder and user requirements analysis, and for evaluating the pilot service.

PORTAL (Presenting natiOnal Resources To Audiences Locally): Carrying out usability studies and establishing ongoing evaluation of project outcomes, UKOLN also provides input regarding choice of metadata formats and subject access issues.

EPrints-UK: Developing an ePrint service for the UK which will harvest and automatically enhance metadata about e-prints deposited in UK institutional e-print archives. The resulting enhanced metadata will be offered for searching centrally and on a subject basis through each of the RDN gateway services.

10. Other important projects

UK Web Focus addresses some of the issues the rapid development of the Web poses for UK Universities, FE colleges and service providers. The UK Web Focus provides awareness, coordination and advisory services using a variety of approaches. Its overall mission is to help maximise the effectiveness of the UK HE and FE community’s investment in Web technologies.

Collection Description Focus aims to improve co-ordination of work on collection description methods, schemas and tools, with the goal of ensuring consistency and compatibility of approaches across projects, disciplines, institutions and sectors. The Collection Description Focus provides support for projects actively involved in collection description work and for those investigating or planning such work.

The QA Focus has been set up to support JISC’s Information Environment programmes by ensuring that funded projects comply with standards and recommendations and make use of appropriate best practices.

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