Italy : University of Parma. Faculty of Humanistic Studies. Department of Culrtural Heritage. Section Librarianship

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Institution/Company University of Parma. Faculty of Humanistic Studies. Department of Culrtural Heritage. Section Librarianship
Address Via D’Azeglio 85
Post code 43100
City Parma
Country Italy
Telephone +390521902298
URL www.aldus.unipr.it
Name Tammaro Anna Maria
Function Researcher
E-mail annamaria.tammaro@unipr.it

1. Mission statement:

We are an Higher Education institution offering the following degrees:

– a Bachelor degree (180 credits = 3 years study) in ìWritten and ipertextual communicationî.

– a Master degree (1st level) in ìInformation management in a digital environmentî (120 credits on top of a bachelor degree)

– an International Master degree (2∞ level) in information studies, jointly developed with the Northumbria University at Newcastle, by distance (120 credits on top of a Master degree of 1st level)

2. Computer networks and Internet connectivity

a. In general HW, SW:

Internet connection via GARR. Virtual class support with Claroline. Learning and research material of the Humanistic Faculty stored in Dspace institutional depository. For the Intermational Master in Information Studies we use Blackboard.

3. Library automation

a. In general HW, SW:

All University libraries use SEBINA and are linked to SBN (National Libraries System).

In our Department laboratory we use Endnote.

9. Research and technology development projects

R&D activities have been devoted to the Digital Library and Digitisation applied research, with particular emphasis on organisational and socio-economic issues. The ongoing research projects are:

Learning and Digital Library : the research aims to analyse the impact on learning of Digital Library It has started with an investigation of existing experiences of Digital Library in Italy and Europe (2000-2001) and it has then (2002-2003) developed a prototype of Virtual Class for testing it in the real context of the Course ìElectronic Publishingî. The third phase (ongoing) has been developing an institutional depository based on Dspace for courseware of the Faculty.

Electronic publishing survey:aims and objectives are related to Open Access model impact on scholarly communication in Italy. It started with a bibliographic and documentary review, and it has then realised different surveys in Universities of Florence and Parma faculties and staff. Impact factor and quality in an Open Access environment have been the focus of the study.

Digitisation guidelines: aim of the study is to analyse trends and issues of existing digitisation projects, form the point of view of the user. In collaboration of the European Project Minerva (http://www.minervaeurope.org/), the best practice of European countries together with the best Guidelines produced were analysed

Quality assurance in LIS Schools: the survey, in the framework of IFLA_SET, wants to collect data on quality assurance rationale and methods at international level. The aim is to verify the possibility of international criteria and indicators for quality of LIS Schools.

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